Everyone knows Brendon likes blondes. They’re what pulled him into the porn business in the first place. So it’s only natural that Vince would get Brendon’s attention. His low hanging balls only add to his charm. He is definitely a woman loving guy and jacking off for his audition in front of another guy is foreign territory. He watches a video and his cock responds by filling with blood. He ends up shooting a huge load on Brendon’s black stool.

On his third visit to the studio, Brendon asks Wally how he plans to mix it up. “Well, I think I’m gonna jump upside down and get a little load out”. But before that can happen Brendon wants to suck on those big, low hanging nuts awhile. Pull them into his mouth and massage them with his tongue. Wally`s mouth falls open and stays that way as he gets a complete work over from the boss. And before it`s over, he flips over in the chair and cums on himself.

Brendon’s got himself a talker in Joaquin. This sexy straight guy is on a chick prowl and though he ain’t gonna find one in Brendon’s studio, he strokes his babe bait and talks dirty while Brendon enjoys the show. Joaquin describes his porn fantasies while he strokes himself off to a creamy climax.

Zak is back in town and ready to make some cash. This straight stud loves to talk about his girlfriend. Maybe its a hint for Brendon to back off. In need of making cash it isn’t long before he has the Urge to let Brendon suck his cock and taste his piss!

The lumberjack is back. Mac has returned from the wilds of the California redwood forest to Brendon’s studio. His flannel shirt and mutton chop sideburns speak to another era, but this young man is all 21st century. Brendon was so intrigued during Mac’s last visit that he has invited him back. Mac becomes a little more comfortable with Brendon and though he’s not quite ready for a blow job, he puts his hairy nuts in Brendon’s capable hands before shooting his hot load into Brendon’s open mouth. Mmmmmm

Damn! Ben is a handsome mutherfucking stud with red hair that winds it’s way from his two day stubble down past his mouth watering belly to his gorgeous dick. He reminds us of another Ben……Afflack!! You’d squawk like a duck too if Ben shoved his long, golden dagger up your ass. But those squawks would turn to moans of pleasure as he thrusts long, hard and deep as if he’s fucking pussy. Today Brendon plays pussy….galore!

Dainis is gorgeous. He is also sweet, straight, and a little bit nervous about all the attention Brendon pays him. Dainis is joined by Serge who has stripped in the other room and appears in his underwear. Serge is dark and smooth with an equally chiseled body. But where Dainis is innocent, Serge has a devilish twinkle in his eye. He knows full well what’s going on and he senses Brendon is dying to suck his cock.

Dainis is a Nordic God with deep blue eyes and the mot beautiful face of all the Russians. He strips out of his jeans quickly to uncover his smooth, fair, chiseled body. Dainis is joined by Serge who has stripped in the other room and appears in his underwear. Serge is dark and smooth with an equally chiseled body. Brendon goes down on both boys, gets Dainis to suck Serge and then incredibly gets studly Serge to slip his cock into beautiful Dainis’ ass.

Harvard, Yale, or Princeton. Parker could have gone to any of those schools. He has the pedigree of an Ivy leaguer and the frat boy looks that Brendon loves. His blue eyes cut a hole right through Brendon’s calm reserve. Watch the boss circle this one, planning his moves, testing his strategy. When Parker’s dick is hard, Brendon offers to lube it up and Parker takes the bait. Brendon gets his hands on this pretty boy’s cock and never looks back. With Brendon’s help, Parker throws a load that hits the chandeliers. Awesome!

If you’ve ever wanted to spy on the guy next door, this is your chance. Anxious to please and all smiles, Andy has hidden sex appeal. A beefy body and a thick patch of pubes tell us that Andy doesn’t follow the latest trends, like tattoos and shaving. He’s clean cut, upright, honest and…………. frustrated. He wants to be in porn! That tells you everything. He’s so shy he asks Brendon to leave the room while he jerks off. That’s where the spying comes in. He talks shit while he watches chicks fuck, and you watch him. His dick keeps getting bigger as he strokes it. You’re the camera lens and Andy is alone in a room with you and a porn video. Happy viewing.